Single Pans Edged

Single Pans Edged Robust products of aluminized steel.

0.75 mm smooth or fine diagonal corrugated.

1.25mm, with slots over the intermediate spaces.
Pan set held together by profile frame.

With adjacent frame, supporting angels or with extended frame for hanging in the baking trolley. The projecting rime serves as a grip for handling.

Available either uncoated or pretreated with "Light-coat".
"Light-coat" means high quality, golden-brown loaves from the
very first baking.

  • Toast-Bread Pan Sets for 500-750 g Bread
  • Sandwich Bread-,
  • Wholemeal Bread-
  • and "Kosaken"-Pan Sets
  • Isolated-, Triangle- and Tinned Bread Pan Sets

Special productions for order of over 10 units already!

In addition to the standard Pan-Sets listed, we also produce bread pans and sets to your individual specifications.

Tailor-made to meet the demands and conditions of your company.
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