Christstollen-Moulds Trouble-free baking and consistently perfect stollen with our deep-drawn stollen moulds.

aluminized 0.75 - 0.88 mm
back darked

aluminized 1.25 mm

Our mould-sets with external dimensions of 580 mm are also deally suitable for the baking trolley.

Christstollen-Moulds Frames of Christstollen Moulds for:

  • ca. 200 g
  • ca. 400 g
  • ca. 500 g
  • ca. 750 g
  • ca. 1000 g
We can supply stollen mould-sets in many special sizes.
Do you have any special requirements?
We can produce virtually any size for you.

Simply give us call for further information.
To our assortment including the Single Stollen Mould.
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